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Discover SuperPowers to Build and Automate

Online Businesses for Female Entrepreneurs


Uncover and discover your individual superpowers as it relates to life and business, so that you create the online empire that you've been dreaming of!


Work with my team and I to put all the building blocks together that your business will need to scale and compete in the big wide world of digital enterprise!


Develop systems and automation in your tech stack to have control of your business anytime any place or bring team members on to run it for you!

Dive Into Discovering Your SuperPowers


Hi, I'm Jessica!

The Founder and CEO of Self-Made Biz. I help female entrepreneurs, social marketers, influencers, coaches and network marketers, infuse technology into their business, so that they can beat the competition, automate to scale and spend more time with their family while their business works for them!

I teach a proven 9 step framework that will help you go from confused and overwhelmed about the business you desire to SELF-MADE!

  • Discover what your superpowers are

  • Inventory your time & your skill set

  • Brand who, what, where, when, how

  • Plan build the business roadmap & ecosystem

  • Onboard all current assets into the hub

  • Build build the basic parts to operate digitally

  • Attract the exact audience looking for you

  • Automate the entire business to scale

  • Promote plan for promotion and marketing

To see if we would be a good fit to work together let chat!

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